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I’m in love with the person you used to be.
—Kim Recitis
Goodbyes never fail to make me cry.
—Kim Recitis
And I found myself looking forward to talking with you.
—Kim Recitis

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dyosangmadrama Hey! I really really really love your blog :)

Hi!! Thank you so much!! :) *hugs*

Her dominant trait is self-loathing, her thoughts are void, and she wishes for… love.
—The Book of Bantorra (via love-shoujo-caps)
The strong shouldn’t bully the weak.
—Mokkonia Fluru, The Book of Bantorra (via love-shoujo-caps)
Your name tastes bittersweet on my tongue and became an unfamiliar sound to my ears.
—Kim Recitis

I hope this guy would stop staring at me.

Wait. Maybe he thinks im cute.


He probably thinks i look stupid.